Episode 17: Take-Out Containers and Special Guest, Kori Lusignan from Misery Loves Cookery

Monday, November 7, 2016

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Let's taco 'bout it!

  • The scientific article by Alvin Davison about shared cups in public places. Ew! Enter: Dixie cups.
  • McDonald's went the take-out route more when they adopted the styrofoam clamshell made by this man.
  • This font or this font can be seen all over Chinese take-out containers.
  • This week for our Food Fight segment, we have a special guest, Kori Lusignan from Misery Loves Company, and she helps the extroverts calm down a bit, think about interesting thoughts, and being present when we go out to eat and there's awkwardness. Thanks for coming on the show this week! You can visit her and submit your question and she'll give you her advice here.

Kori Lusignan of Misery Loves Cookery
Run Time: 51 minutes

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