Episode 66: Paleo Basics

Monday, October 23, 2017
On this week's episode, Winter and Lee have special guests, Leslie and Aaron Galvan of the So This is Love Podcast, to chat with us this week about the basics of eating paleo. They consider themselves "paleo curious" or "paleo-ish", so they go over what you can eat while on paleo, how they adapt recipes to fit their take on paleo, and give their wise advice on paleo and different types of diets. We don't have a Food Fight question, but we do talk about the economics of dining out as a couple.

Grass-fed meats are allowed on the paleo diet

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Let's taco 'bout it!

  • We had scheduling conflicts with Sharon, so Lee joined Winter in interviewing our friends, Leslie and Aaron Galvan of the So This is Love Podcast and the blog, My Kitchen is Open, about the basics of paleo. Winter met them at BlogherFood last year, talking all about podcasting.

Leslie and Aaron Galvan of the So This is Love Podcast

  • Paleo is often associated with Crossfit, but originated from Dr. Walter Voegtlin who wrote the book The Stone Age Diet in 1975. And Robb Wolf has been the person who has revolutionized it in the modern age with his book, The Paleo Solution
  • Leslie joined a 21-day challenge lead by Emily Shromm (yes, from the Real World fame).
  • Grass-fed meats, fish and seafood, fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, less-processed oils, seeds, and nuts are allowed on paleo, though there are many variations on how the diet is interpreted. The ribs we smoked on the Big Green Egg were mostly paleo!
  • Leslie will take a recipe and make it her own and paleo-ish, using Pinterest and typical recipes she likes. 
  • The not-macaroni and cheese recipe didn't sound that great.

Fruits and veggies!

Run Time: 51 minutes

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