Episode 71: Outdoor Cooking with Special Guest, Susan Strayer of Mountain Mom and Tots

Monday, November 27, 2017
On this week's episode, we're in the Great Outdoors, cooking up a meal with special guest Susan Strayer of Mountain Mom and Tots and learning all about how to cook outdoors and while camping, including what are your heat sources and Dutch Oven. Plus, Sharon and I commit to joining Susan's Outdoor Cooking Challenge. Will you?

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Let's taco 'bout it!

  • We're so excited to have Susan Strayer of Mountain Mom and Tots on our podcast to chat all about outdoor cooking and how we should get outside with our families! We've done an episode on cast iron
  • By the way, gear makes a difference in making camping more enjoyable.
  • You can join Susan's Helping Families Explore Outdoors Facebook Group if you want to make this a priority for your family.
  • Using a fire: Cooking with the coals (like a tin foil dinner), over an elevated grill or platform over the coals, or cooking food on a stick in either the flame or the coals (preferable).
  • 2-Burner Camp Stove (generally with propane): There are many options like Coleman or Campchef or all these resources on Susan's page.

  • Dutch Oven: The ones with legs is best for outdoor cooking, so you can stick coals underneath. By the way, the Dutch Oven is Utah's state cooking pot.
  • Backpacking Stoves: JetBoil and MSR are a couple brands that are out there, and these jobs are solely used to heat water, so you can add it to a freeze dried or dehydrated meal, such as Mountain House's Mac and Cheese or Raspberry Crumble. Heck, you could bring ramen or Cup 'O Noodle while backpacking!
  • Miscellaneous: Solar ovens (Go Sun Sport), pit cooking, and a chemical heat option (warmer packs, such as this one by Inno Baby Aqua Heat).

  • We don't have a Food Fight question this week, but don't forget to email us if you have a question to hungrysquared@gmail.com.

Run Time: 54 minutes

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