Episode 80: Vegan Cooking with Hannah Kaminsky, Cookbook Author of Real Food, Really Fast

Tuesday, February 6, 2018
On this week's episode, we're a book tour stop for vegan author Hannah Kaminsky of Real Food, Really Fast, and we chat about the basics of veganisms and how to cook vegan. We also delve into different vegan ingredients, that can be intimidating, and how her recipes are quick and approachable. Plus, we chat about being "polite" vs "polite and honest" when served food during our Food Fight question.

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Let's taco 'bout it!

  • When Hannah made the decision to go vegan, her parents had a couple of rules: She had to be healthy and she had to make it herself, so she learned how to cook. Her family was helpful in giving her an omnivore input and would tell her if something tasted a little too "crunchy" or "too vegan".
  • Hannah is the baker at the vegan Nourish Cafe in San Francisco. You can find her Almond Cake from her cookbook My Sweet Vegan at the cafe.
  • Some cuisines are more inclined to a vegan lifestyle, like Indian and Chinese food.
  • Sharon loved the recipe for vegan All Dressed Nachos, since Sharon loves All Dressed Chips.
  • Winter made from the cookbook the recipe Tamale Pot Pie (a vegan version of a Taco Soup) with sliced tube polenta on top--it was fancier!

  • There is a glossary of vegan ingredients in the front of the cookbook, which makes it more approachable. You can find these ingredients at your local grocery store--don't be intimidated!
  • What is nutritional yeast? A deactivated strain of yeast used for flavoring and possibly nutrition (if it's enriched). It can range from buttery to cheesy. You can get it in flake form or powder form.
  • Jackfruit: You can get a package of just the fruit or one in brine. By the way, this is how a jackfruit is harvested and processed to get to the fruit. Yikes! Don't do it!

Run Time: 65 minutes

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