Episode 109: Mindful Eating with Jenny Eden Berk, Eating Psychology Coach

Monday, October 1, 2018
We are pleased to discuss with Jenny Eden Berk, an Eating Psychology Coach, the hurdles that affects us and those around us. She delves into diet culture, how she changed her speech and actions for her daughters, and she gives us two tips that help us "embody" our bodies. Plus, Winter officially shares her love for sous vide and Sharon tells us about her love for a new wine she discovered.

Let's taco 'bout it!

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Let's taco 'bout it!

  • Food Nerd Shoutout: We loved the interview with Ergo Spout inventor, Kate and Bryce Hansen, and so did listener Jess S. who confessed her love of Mason jars. Thanks for listening, Jess!
  • Let's Dig into the Kitchen Drawer: Winter officially shares her love of her Hamilton Beach sous vide machine and 6 qt. slow cooker, because 1) it doubles as a slow cooker, which removes an extra kitchen appliance out of her cupboards, and 2) it's a sous vide! Only issue: The lid rests in a shallow lip, thus the lid can slide around a bit. Winter's rating if you're planning on traveling with it: 4 out of 5 stars. Winter's rating if it's going to stay at home mostly: 5 out of 5 stars. By the way, you can listen to this great episode with Jason Logsdon all about sous vide.
  • Welcome to Jenny Eden Berk for coming and talking to us about mindful eating. She has a Master's in Psychology and is certified as an eating psychology coach. Jenny also wrote the best-selling book The Body Image Blueprint.

Jenny Eden Berk, Eating Psychology Coach

  • Jenny remembers being bombarded by the messages of diet culture at an early age, even from the nonverbal cues from family members.
  • She encourages people to trust themselves and their body signals, to relish and savor food they are eating. It's an abundance mindset and all foods are on the table.
  • If we attribute morality to food (i.e. the Twinkie is bad and broccoli is good), it's easy to shame people and yourself for your food choices. It's like Brene Brown's shame storm.

Photography courtesy of Maria Fernanda Gonzalez

  • Role modeling is one of the best ways to teach children. Her job as a parent to 3 daughters is to provide lots of variety of good food and not to judge their food choices, so they learn how to trust themselves when they're eating.
  • What are your triggers and food scripts?
  • It's not black and white. It's 50 shades of gray in dieting.
  • Embodiment is all about embodying our body. It's dropping into our body and getting a feel of the lay of the land--the good and the bad. It's a chance to be intrinsic about what you're eating.
  • Jenny is offering Hungry Squared listeners a 7-Day Mindful Eating Course here. Join us now!
  • First tip: Stop, look, and listen.
  • Second tip: Breathing technique 4-7-8. 

Photography courtesy of Dan Gold

Run Time: 49 minutes

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