Episode 33: A New Approach to Cooking with Special Guest, Christopher Kimball of Milk Street

Monday, February 27, 2017

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Let's taco 'bout it!

  • First of all, apologies for some phone call interference/buzzing on the interview with Chris Kimball--we did the best we can to get rid of it before and after the interview, but we still had some left over. Thanks for being patient with us!
  • Sharon brought home dessert (and this one for herself) from the Cheesecake Factory for everyone, while Winter raved about this simple salad while taking a Harmon's cooking class. Winter is a huge fan of this new knife she got as part of the class!
  • Christopher Kimball, the founder of Milk Street, was our special guest on this week's podcast.
  • They have a magazine, cooking school, podcast (this one with Ziggy Marley is great), upcoming TV show, cookbook, and other fun things that he talks about in the interview.
  • What to make for dinner? Noodle or rice base with some basic seasonings (scallions, chili paste or oil), then add whatever you want. Stir fry rice is a good one to do. Winter also loves this simple dish from her childhood.
  • You can see what Andy Ricker of Pok Pok cooks up when Chris visits him in Thailand.
  • Start out with something people know like brownies, then they try and come up with a fresh perspective like this recipe.
  • Salt and pepper need a divorce according to Chris! And just for laughs, here's a funny clip about spices from How I Met Your Mother.
  • How one approaches cooking in different countries: it's how you move in the kitchen in Japan to a term in Vietnamese that means "right intent".
  • This isn't fancy cooking: it's every day cooking, like he describes in this book by Fuschia Dunlop
  • Chris says that this character may be his mascot.

Run Time: 49 minutes

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