Episode 35: Bananas

Monday, March 13, 2017

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Let's taco 'bout it!

  • Despite a sad dry roast, the Yukon Gold + cream cheese + cream mashed potatoes that Sharon had were good for dinner and for breakfast the next day. Winter LOVES Garwood's Ginger Beer--it's nice and zingy!
  • Winter wanted to talk about bananas, because of the Reykjavik Half Marathon and how they DIDN'T have any bananas at the end of the race. 
  • Correction: Winter misspoke and the highest producer of bananas in Europe is actually France!
  • Bananas are clones! The Gros Michael, or the "Big Mike", was a popular banana at the start to mid-20th century.
  • The Panama Disease started to wipe out the "Big Mike", because they are genetically the same, so the Cavendish cultivar became the replacement.
  • The "Goldfinger" cultivar from Honduras is a possibility for the future, but definitely doesn't have the same Cavendish flavor.
  • Sharon mentions Christopher Kimball's Milk Street podcast episode with Ziggy Marley and how he ate green bananas as a kid.
  • By the way, the stainless steel soap (it's really a thing) that Sharon mentioned is this thing that takes away odors from your hands, especially sappiness from a plantain.
  • You can vacuum seal your fruit to prevent the oxidization of your fruit, but that's a little fancy for us--you can immerse your fruit in water and it will prevent the oxidization.
  • Super tasters may not like bananas because of the phenols + oxygen combine and may produce something bitter that super tasters detect.
  • Banana Runts candy--listen up Wonka!--don't taste like bananas! The flavor is not necessarily based on the Big Mike flavoring, it's just a compound--isoamyl acetate.
  • Our Food Fight listener was having some major spouse guilt about not making dinner.
  • Hey listeners, please share our podcast with your friends, especially since it's Podcast Awareness Month! #trypod

Run Time: 44 minutes

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