Episode 37: Ice Cream, Gelato, Custard, and Other Frozen Desserts

Monday, March 27, 2017

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Let's taco 'bout it!

  • Sharon has been infusing her own Irish Breakfast tea recently since she can't buy soda or other sugary drinks at work. Winter found Cara Cara navel orange and LOVED it!
  • Winter's fave ice cream is chocolate moosetracks (fudge ribbon with peanut butter cups) ice cream, while Sharon loves chocolate fudge brownie ice cream. What's your favorite ice cream?
  • Ice cream actually has quite a long history!
  • Ice is basically liquid and air (or overrun).
  • You can go to the FDA's website to get all the information about milk fat, egg yolk, and sugar percentages in frozen desserts. You'll see there are many differences between ice cream, custard, gelato, ice milk, sherbet, and sorbet. By the way, Sharon doesn't like the ice milk--it's disappointing.
  • Did you know that there are recommended serving temperatures, where ice cream is colder, while gelato and custard is served warmer?
  • Winter is a big fan of the gelato at Dolcetti Gelato--Pistachio and Sticky Rice & Mango are two yummy flavors.
  • This ice cream maker sounds awesome! How fun! There's the round ball method of making ice cream. Here are  couple of good ice cream makers: this, this, and this. And don't forget the ice cream salt if your ice making method requires it!
  • Rainier Creamery--you gotta open up during the winter!
  • Did you know that New England ice cream was started by Steve Herrell?
  • Sharon remembers a semifreddo-type dessert that her mom used to buy for guests.
  • Kulfi looks like it's worth the effort--when I'm in India, I'm gonna hunt one down.
  • Liquid nitrogen ice cream (like at Sub-Zero Ice Cream or Dippin' Dots) is fun, but it doesn't translate well to home consumption.
  • Akbar Mashti was an ice cream vendor in Iran and popularized ice cream, especially ice cream with salep (saalab). You can see what the ice cream looks like here and here (by the way, this ice cream can be found in many countries, such as Turkey).
  • We help a blended family decide on their dessert consumption frequency during our Food Fight segment. Let them eat cake! per Sharon.
  • Introduce the Hungry Squared podcast to your friends (#trypod) during the month of March! We'd love it!

Run Time: 50 minutes

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