Episode 83: California Figs with Special Guest, Linda Cain from Valley Fig Growers

Monday, March 5, 2018
On this week's episode, we chat with Linda Cain of Valley Fig Growers to chat all about figs and specifically California figs, including what types of figs there are, the history of figs in the old country and America, and how they are cultivated. It's so fascinating! Linda also gives us ideas on how to use figs in our meals. By the way, our listeners get 25% off at www.valleyfig.com with the code "H2" until March 27, 2018. Get on it!

Let's taco 'bout it!

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Let's taco 'bout it!

  • We're glad Sharon is here again, but she is still recovering the pneumonia! Sharon had a lot of Campbell's Chicken Noodle Homestyle Soup that has gotten her through the last couple of weeks. Soup is good as we talked about it in an earlier episode. Sharon also created an oregano tea and chilled to the Great British Bake Off as she recovered.
  • Winter usually throws a Chinese New Year party, but it didn't happen this year. We did hot pot late with a small group of friends, so Winter can justify keeping the hot pot in our kitchen arsenal.
  • We're excited to welcome Linda Cain of Valley Fig Growers to chat about figs. By the way, our listeners get 25% off at www.valleyfig.com with the code "H2" until March 27, 2018. Get on it!
  • Figs can be found on every continent, except for Antarctica, because once they establish themselves, they are hard to eradicate and will survive.

  • Nature magazine came out with an article about figs and you can read it here.
  • Figs dry nicely and traveled from the Middle East to Italy and Spain. The Spanish mission fathers that came to America planted fig trees along the coast of California so there was a food source as they traveled to minister, hence the black or Mission Figs? Did you know figs are ever-producing?
  • Golden Figs: Calimyrna (California + Myrna, Turkey), Tena (Hebrew word for fig = tena), Conadria, and Sierra.
  • George Roeding was known to dynamite the hard ground in Central California in order to plant the fig trees.
  • Roeding went to Turkey to figure out why the Calimyrna wasn't fruiting. He found out that pollination is needed to happen with a fig wasp from a Caprifig tree. Those wasps are very tiny! The Calimyrna "eye" is much larger, so the fig wasps can go into the "eye".
  • By the way, the fig is an inverted flower.
  • Fresh figs are fragile and only have about 6-7 days to transport under refrigerated conditions to end location. The Brown Turkey Fig is one of the more popular type of fresh fig. Kadotas, Mission, and Sierra figs can also be eaten fresh.

Run Time: 58 minutes

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