Episode 87: Kitchen Design with Andrea Sorensen and Matt Walquist from IKEA

Monday, April 2, 2018
We have special guests Andrea Sorensen and Matt Walquist from IKEA to talk about kitchen design, from the beginning stages of "I need a new kitchen" to the inspiration and dreaming phase, then on to the actual measuring and designing your kitchen. The IKEA Kitchen Event is happening till April 8, 2018, so come in this week if you're ready for a kitchen.

Let's taco 'bout it!

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Let's taco 'bout it!

  • Sharon went to to Roosters Brewing Company in Ogden, Utah for dinner and had Buffalo Calamari Tacos. 
  • Winter and Lee did an experiment with a couple of thin cuts of pork shoulder. We did cooked one in cast iron pan and the other in the Instant Pot. I used my Thermapop thermometer to check the temperature on the pork in the cast iron pan--it was done quicker, it was moister, but the flavor was not as intense. The Instant Pot version got done slower (because we had to bring up the temperature of the pork and marinade), it was dryer, but the flavor was super intense. If you've done pork before, please send your recipes to Winter, since she has failed pork every time she's tired it.

ThermoWorks ThermoPop
  • On this week's episode, we talk to Andrea Sorensen, the IKEA Draper's Loyalty Manager and a former IKEA Interior Designer, and Matt Walquist, IKEA Draper's Active Selling Leader and Kitchen Planner, about kitchen design.
  • IKEA kitchens have a 25 year warranty. 25 years! Whoa!
  • IKEA products are low VOC (volatile organic products), use fair labor, and are ethically sourced.
  • Heat resistant quartz is Matt's favorite, because it is harder than steel and has a nice uniform look.
  • Matt started out as a contract kitchen designer and installer and had obtained the contract
  • The Work Triangle in the kitchen creates efficiencies for you and consists of the 1) refrigerator, 2) sink, and 3) stove. These need to be at least 3 feet apart from each spot, but under 9 feet apart. You want to have a sweet spot depending on you the customer.

  • When you are designing your kitchen, you need to ask "Who is working in the space?" so you can understand what is important to have in the kitchen.
  • IKEA will figure out who the people in the market are, how they work, what they like (and hate) about their kitchen, etc.
  • How do you go about design a kitchen with IKEA: Get the measurements of your kitchen. You can get an IKEA professional to come out and get the correct measurements
  • Then you work with a kitchen planner and you have 45 days to make changes.
  • Not only is it cabinets and drawers, IKEA also has planned for the things that go within cabinets and drawers so your kitchen works for you.

  • You need to come in and get inspired, have your Pinterest board, ask questions, then when you're ready, set up the appointments with a kitchen design expert. You get this money back when you buy the kitchen.
  • What are some kitchen trends you're seeing: 1) people are tired of cleaning, so more modern and simple, and 2) people want to show some self-expression.
  • Trends that are going away: Andrea doesn't like having a kitchen just for show, but would rather see having a kitchen that is more useful. Matt has a pet peeve of built-in microwaves.
  • All the appliances are WhirlPool with a 5-year warranty, for example this fridge.
  • Farm-house sinks are really popular right now and they are so inexpensive at IKEA!
  • IKEA is here for 1) Those who want to do it yourself, and 2) Those who would like IKEA to do it.

  • If you need financing options, you can get the IKEA Project Card to help with your bigger projects. If you spend over $5000, you can get 4.9% interest rate. Plus, you can get 15% back in-store credit if you spend a kitchen! Sweet!
  • IKEA's Kitchen Event goes till April 8th, 2018, as long as you buy a service plan before then, you can get these prices with some time to actually do the planning services (30-45 days).

Run Time: 53 minutes

Sponsors: Our awesome and food-loving sponsor is IKEA and their spring Kitchen Event. It goes till April 8, 2018.

Remember to come in and schedule a planning service before April 8, 2018 in order to take advantage of on-sale kitchens!


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