Episode 93: Fry Sauce, Golf Sauce, Pink Sauce, and....MayoChup Minisode

Monday, May 14, 2018
If you haven't heard, Heinz's MayoChup is getting a rise out of a lot of people. On this week's mini-episode, we tackle the brief, but important history of the condiment fry sauce in the United States and how as Utahns, we claim and protect it. We also talk about how other countries couldn't resist mixing up mayonnaise and ketchup together.

Let's taco 'bout it!

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Let's taco 'bout it!

  • Sharon talked about how she tried and loved Utah's Red Iguana's vegetable mole during Everything Food Conference this week.
  • Winter talked about how Katie Weinner of SLCPop and of Top Chef fame showed us how to make loads of browned butter bits using powdered milk and butter. She learned this from the folks at Momofuku
  • Why are we talking fry sauce? Because our two friends from Orlando, Lisa Wilk of the blog Taste Cook Sip and Anna-Marie Walsh of Beauty and the Beets, experienced fry sauce while traveling Utah this week.

  • Have you seen the hullabaloo on Twitter regarding MayoChup? It's pretty funny!
  • Don Carlos Edwards of Utah has been said to have created the ketchup-mayonnaise combination to create fry sauce. He went on to open up the fast-food chain Arctic Circle, where you can order and buy fry sauce.
  • In other countries, you can find a version of fry sauce, including chemist Luis Federico Luloir's golf sauce or salsa golf, which he created while lunching at a golf course in Argentina.
  • Who likes fry sauce? Write in at hungrysquared@gmail.com!

Run Time: 23 minutes

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