Episode 55: Celebration Foods for Our 1-Year Podcasting Anniversary and Giveaway

Monday, July 31, 2017
On this week's episode, we are celebrating a whole year of being on the air as the Hungry Squared Podcast (thanks to Lee Redd and Ike Hall, our right-hand men)--yay! We have had so much fun so far and look forward to celebrating many more episodes with you, our awesome listeners, and we celebrate by talking about some of our favorite celebration foods from charcuterie to cake. Plus, we help out a first-time farmer's market attender and Food Fight listener on this week's question.

Photo by Melanie Hughes on Upsplash

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Let's taco 'bout it!

Photography by Brooke Lark on Upsplash

  • Charcuterie shops sold products of the pig in France from the 16th century.
  • Tracy from Shutterbean gave some easy tips on creating your own charcuterie shops from inexpensive Trader Joe's goods.
  • Wine is another celebration food. But don't get too caught up in the "Sideways" effect. Pinot noir and merlot were effected by this movie! Crazy!
  • UnderCurrent had the best charcuterie board Sharon has ever had.
  • Cake is a celebration food in Winter's family, since she remembers the Wilton catalogues and the beautiful creations you can make.
  • The availability of ingredients and the inception of dessert as part of the meal finally puts cake on the map.

Photography by Stephanie McCabe on Upsplash

  • Anne Byrn wrote a fun cake-centric book, American Cake, and talked about many types of cake and the history behind them, including chocolate cake, Angel's food cake, and Cowboy Cake (or War Cake).
  • Cake mixes came about in the 1930s due to an excess of molasses, not flour!
  • Where can you buy Aussie lamb and beef: click here!
  • We help our Food Fight listener navigate a farmer's market for the first time.

Run Time: 65 minutes

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