Episode 82: Sneaky Beverage Advertising

Monday, February 26, 2018
On this week's episode, Lee guest-hosts while Sharon is out sick. We talk all about how well advertising firms have convinced us and the public to drink more of their beverage of choice, from Coca-Cola, bottled water, milk, and coffee. Sneaky, yet super effective. Plus, we chat about how to encourage a Food Fight listener's parents to eat better.

Let's taco 'bout it!

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Let's taco 'bout it!

  • Lee from the Bee's Knees Waffles joins Winter on this week's episode (yay!), since Sharon is out sick (boo!). Thanks to Lee for cohosting, and we hope Sharon gets better soon! You should listen to this episode if you need to figure out what to eat for your cold or flu.
  • Lee made for Winter's birthday an amazing sous vide ribeye steak made in their combo Hamilton Beach Sous Vide/Slow Cooker topped with caramelized mushrooms and gorgonzola. Yum! By the way, this is how you pronounce Worcestershire sauce.

  • Winter and Lee took a French cooking class at Surlatable and had a lot of fun. However, Winter was a little bummed with no dessert at the end.
  • We decided to eat 
  • The New Coke Debacle: Or was it a success for Coca-Cola?

  • Gustave Leven took Perrier sparkling water to the New World and got Americans to start buying bottled water. You should check out this commercial voiced by Orson Welles. Due to a contamination scare, Pepsi-Cola and Coca-Cola saw their chance and rolled out Aquafina and Dasani flat water, that came from municipal sources that had been filtered.

  • Got milk? This is the commercial directed by Michael Bay, of Transformers fame, that was the first Got Milk campaign. They've now changed the tagline to Milk Life, with this commercial from the Olympics. Winter does drink soymilk, but does like Fairlife milk, which is lactose free.

  • The coffee break was not created by labor unions, but by the Pan American Coffee Bureau, to encourage people to drink coffee. That 15-minute break started to become a necessity in the public's mind, so much so that the United Auto Workers went on strike in order to have that included in their contract!

  • On this week's Food Fight, our listener asks how to help her parents eat better. Lee thinks that your parents are adults, so you can encourage them, but not force them into eating better.

Run Time: 53 minutes

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