Episode 101: What Walt Disney Ate and Disneyland Food History with Sean, Bryan, and Cooper from the Word on the Main Street Podcast

Monday, July 9, 2018
Welcome to our new format and to the guys from the Word on the Main Street Podcast on this week's episode. We chat with Sean, Bryan and Cooper all about what Walt Disney ate in the early days before and after Disneyland opened, cool Disneyland food history, and some insider tips if you're headed to Disneyland. These guys are our Disneyland experts, so we're excited to have them on for an extended podcast episode!

Let's taco 'bout it!

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Let's taco 'bout it!

  • Welcome to our new format!
  • First change up: Food Nerd Shoutouts! Shoutout from a couple of listeners, Yandary and Amy, from Facebook who said the Cast Iron episode with Ned Adams (episode 99) was "life changing". If you want to comment via email hungrsquared@gmail.com or you can send us stuff to Hungry Squared Podcast, PO Box 651652, Salt Lake City, UT 84165
  • Next change: Let's Dig Into the Kitchen Drawer! This is our chance to review kitchen tools, appliances, cookbooks, etc and give our two cents on what we like or hate about it. First up on the docket, Sharon talks about the humble 2 quart batter bowl by Anchor Hocking. Pros: Works as a measuring cup with spout, has a cover, fits in the microwave. Cons: Some of the smaller ones (the 4-cup) may not have a lid. Sharon gives the batter bowl a 4 stars.

Anchor Hocking 2 qt. batter bowl
  • Listen to the episode where we were guests on Word on the Main Street Podcast (WOTMS Episode 65) where we talked all about the food on the new Pixar Pier. So fun (and funny)!
  • Thanks to Sean Lords, Bryan Lords, and Cooper Trimble of the Word on the Main Street Podcast for joining us on the podcast this week!

  • Walt Disney ate a lot of "poor man's food" to save money. He loved pancakes, hash, spam, chili, etc. He likes to eat cheap.
  • Walt ate at the Plaza Inn all the time, especially the fried chicken.
  • Walt's favorite cookies was the Chinese Candy Cookies--chow mien noodles and butterscotch chips.
  • We reference the book Eat Like Walt: The Wonderful World of Disney Food by Marcy Smothers.

Eat Like Walt by Marcy Smothers
  • Mickey-shaped foods are a brilliant design and branding: Ice cream, beignets, ice cream sandwich, sour-dough bread, sundaes, etc. 
  • Adventure Land was originally based on the True Life Adventures with the Tiki Room, Tahitian Lounge, and serious Jungle Cruise.
  • Dole Whip: The Tiki Room was originally presented by Dole. Disney couldn't afford to do all these rides in the beginning, so they had many sponsors in the beginning.
  • There used to be pancake races in conjunction with the Aunt Jemimah Pancake House. 
  • What is the "grey stuff" at the Red Rose Tavern? Cookies and cream mousse, inside red velvet cake, on a shortbread cookie, with red and white edible pearls.
  • There is a food guide map for Pixar Pier, which is divided out by movie. You can download it here.
  • Disney merchandizes all of these movies in their food. Cooper talks about the Coco cup and it was sold out from the first week they sold them.
  • Fancy and collectable Disney popcorn containers are huge.

  • Carnation Cafe was sponsored by the Carnation Company. According to the WOTMS guys, they have the best eggs Benedict. There was a chef, Oscar, who started in 1956 and just retired in 2017.
  • Do a character breakfast or meal a
  • You can book with Getaway Today. You can get $10.00 off if you book with them and mention the code "mainstreet10".
  • Disney Japan: The churros there were in the shape of Mickey. You can listen to the couple of WOTMS episodes here and here specifically on Sean's visit to Disney Japan.
  • There are Disney Secret Menu Items: You can get your burger "alien style" at Galactic Grill, Neapolitan Shake at Flo's V8 Cafe, Mac and Cheese bread bowl at the Pacific Wharf Cafe, Hidden Burrito at the Rancho del Zocalo, and Frito Pie at Coke Corner.
  • Did you hear that WOTMS's Bryan's Trivia Question: What is Walt Disney's favorite type of dessert? The answer is pie and the 3 types were 1) apple pie, 2) boysenberry pie, and 3) frozen lemon chiffon pie. Did you enter?

Photo courtesy of Annie Pratt

Run Time: 1 hour 17 minutes (extended episode!)

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